Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Still having trouble fastening pictures to Blog.  This morning decided to give ourselves a day off and a day out (all same day though); got in car, motored  up to Yoxford where we trawled antique shops and antique centre; did reasonably well for this day and age;   bought some pewter (two pieces with George IV Excise marks).   Then went on to Aldeburgh, walked along sea front, and back through Main Street. Drove on to Snape,  bought bits  Antique centre (not much though), then went and had lunch in snack bar - cold but good. Eventually drove home via Woodbridge. Pleasantly relaxing day out.

Being called up to supper by Ann, so will wish you all a very goodnight.

Warm Regards, Mike and Ann.

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Pat said...

I have had a week or so when I can't post pics on my blog or F.B. Drives me nuts!