Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Here is a picture I was able to take last week, which I think amply demonstrates the difference in size between a muff pistol (top) and a standard size pocket pistol. The mechanisms of the two are surprisingly similar, despite the lower one being French, and the upper one English.  Great copy cats those French.

Going now to our garden, here is a photo of the first clematis in bloom .

Today we motored over to the Manger Inn at Burnt Bradfield, where we met up, and lunched with our friends Derek and Cath. We normally meet them at Long Melford antique fair, so it was good to meet up for lunch and an uninterrupted natter. To anyone interested in place names, you will find Burnt Bradfield (the country name) on the map as Bradfield Combust. Both these names refer to the rioting that went on here in 1327. It started in Bury Saint Edmund's, and ended in Burnt Bradfield when the rioters burned down Bradfield Hall.  It is now an area of peaceful countryside and the occasional old thatched farmhouse (see picture above), and it is difficult to imagine the scenes of rioting and arson that took place here nearly seven hundred years ago.

In the words of the dreadful old music hall song 'I'm one of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit ':-

In the good old days there really were some doings;
It's no wonder that the dear old Abbey fell to ruins.


Crowbard said...

Entirely superior quality of engraving on the pocket pistol Mike, shame about the grossly overdone butt decor; probably made for some giggling nancy lordling? Wonderful work of its kind, just too much for a serious weapon.

Pat said...

I seem to have lost most of my clematises so have just bought two of the smaller ones- both Koreana - Dark Secret and Blue Eclipse. Fingers crossed.