Thursday, 14 April 2016


Been a busy week. On Monday motored over to Leicestershire, and spent a coupe of days with Crowbard, and his wife Judy, whose cooking and hospitality was, as usual, first rate.
On Wednesday we drove on to the Milton Keynes area, and spent a day with senior daughter Sarah and her family. The top photograph shows meself and our Great Granddaughter, Astrid, chatting. She is a contented little soul, and although she can't talk- she hasn't realised that fact, is convinced she is a prolific and accurate speaker, and spends a lot of time in verbal communication with whoever is next to her. This suits her great grandfather (meself) very well, being rather deaf, and we chat away quite happily together.

Above photo is of Grandson Guy, in school uniform, who has charge of the above Norfolk grandfather clock . Guy suspects there is an incipient minor fault in the winding mechanism. He is quite right - the click spring in the ratchet on the great wheel  of the striking  train needs to be tensioned up a little. Next time I'll try and remember to take a box of tools with me, and we'll perform kitchen table surgery on said click spring. A fairly easy job, but getting at it is the difficult bit.

Set out for home at nine ten ack emma this morning, journey took just under two hours. The garden is looking well, and, as you can see,  the snake's head fritillary is looking very well. Got a good deal of work to do though, before the middle of June, when we're booked to take part in the exhibition of 'Secret Gardens of Highdale'  still, potentially it's looking well, and we've got a couple of months to clean and polish things up a bit.  Quite looking forward to it.


Mike and Ann said...

P.s. By the way, the problem I reported on my previous blog entry regarding the reluctance of my computer to give me any messages it receives, seems to have cleared itself.

Crowbard said...

All it needed Mike was a brief respite from your thumping of the keyboards and bellowing explosive expletives at it ~ no wonder it is highly strung ~
Thank you so much both for the very great pleasure of your delightful company, Judy and I had a whale of a time with you ~ Hey ~ I even got out and about twice ~ totally exhausted but spiritually refreshed no end Bruv.
I've researched that little Green River woodsman's knife I bought for a fiver while we were at an antique centre and a very similar one sold in America in 1912 for $400. Don't think I'll part with it just yet, it is a very satisfactory little item. Thank you also for the charming little pipe tamper, I fear it will eventually tempt me to indulge again in the wicked weed (in a couple of decades or so perhaps).

Liz said...

What a lovely photo of you and Astrid.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you, Liz. Astrid is a very matey little darling, excellent company (and she's photogenic, too.)

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. I know - and I'm a besotted ole Great Grandpa.