Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Been very busy today, working on an early Dutch flintlock pistol, which is in need of fairly major restoration. May show it on blog (if I make a good enough job of it).

Just before lunch decided I needed a break so took the camera, set it at fairly long range, and waited in the kitchen window for birds. The  wren in the lower picture turned up first. They're easy to spot, despite their small size,  in that when the eyes are adjusted for movement a wren moves like a mouse, and the movement shows up.

The bird in the top picture I took for a greenfinch, but when I'd developed the photo, and judging by his size, I'm fairly sure he's a young  siskin. They usually move in groups, though, and this chap was on his own. He'll probably be about for  a day or so,so will keep an eye out for him, and, hopefully, his relations.

Ann's just gone up to bed,  so must follow her good example: So

                                           Goodnight every one.


Z said...

I particularly love wrens. We used to have one living in the front porch - it still might nest there, come to that. I saw one just the other day on a pile of paving slabs outside the barn. I never have a camera with me at those moments!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. We have had the occasional gold crested wren in the garden - but not for two or three years. They really are a very pretty little bird. I'd love to get a snapshot of one of those. They are very shy though - still, everything comes to he who waits.........