Sunday, 2 March 2014


 Last week was a good, busy (and very social) week. Therefore shan't bother you with details, but will put up the few (printable) photos taken this week. Above is a snapshot of a moated (probably pre- Tudor) manor house taken on our way back from lunch with friends John and Margaret. Also repaired their slightly ailing long case clock, whilst there. It's now going well again, having suffered a minor mishap whilst being regulated by John.

Took the above photo of early bow window in Bildeston.

Also in Bildeston, an array of shop frontages that have changed little over the centuries.

Will try and keep a better photographic record of our travels over the next week (which looks like being a fairly busy one.

In the meantime - wish you all a very Good Night.


Z said...

What lovely old buildings. Have fun, don't get too tired!

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Z. You're quite right. Mustn't overdo it. Trust that both you and Wink will stick to the same sensible principle.