Tuesday, 17 July 2018


View through our back  gate of garden.

Very quiet here now. Daughter Sarah and granddaughter Lucy came to lunch, as did friends Jonathan and Jo. After lunch Sarah and Lucy  drove home, taking Ruth with them, to put her  on a train. Ruth will spend the night  with Georgia, then fly home (to Sweden)  tomorrow. It has been lovely  having her here . and she has worked like a  Trojan (if that's the right word).

Good Night All.


Rough said...

I Love the view down the garden path and then all the way up to that wonderful chimney xxx

Mike said...

Thank you Rough. I'm told they are mid Tudor chimneys. If ever I'm allowed to chop logs again, I'll get rid of that fake gas fire, and burn logs up that chimney.

Crowbard said...

I doubt that there were ever many Trojans who could keep up with Ruth.